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Wifi BMW ICOM P+B+C VCI Actia ICOM P For BMW Diagnosis And Programming Interface Replacement ICOM A2 And ICOM Next

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    Wifi BMW ICOM P+B+C VCI is For BMW E-series BMW F-chassis Coding Tool. Actia ICOM P For BMW Diagnosis And Programming Interface Replacement ICOM A2 And ICOM Next. Wifi BMW ICOM P+B+C Features with Original OBD Connector Make it More Stable.

    Wifi BMW ICOM P+B+C VCI Actia ICOM P For BMW Diagnosis And Programming Interface Replacement ICOM A2 And ICOM Next

    BMW ICOM P+B+C For BMW E-series BMW F-chassis Coding Tool Wifi Actia ICOM P For BMW
    support Single module programming

    Expert version and 4S synchronization software, Actia ICOM P VCI 2 in 1 version can be hidden brush, modify the E-series and F-chassis, can achieve single-module programming.

    Physical picture:

    Actia ICOM P VCI For BMW New Features:

    1. Perfect match: perfect matching of hardware and software.
    2. Perfect speed: P+ISTA speed increased by 30%.
    3. Perfect number: new number, stable use, has not been blacklisted.
    4. Perfect engineer software: BMW AG all models hidden function brush, all modules individually programmed to replace the old programming, coding. Human-machine interface language changes, etc. (Operators need a deep technical foundation - BMW engineers)

    Actia BMW ICOM P+B+C Using Note:

    1, backup.
    2, can not be powered off.
    3, does not allow the network cable to appear out of the chain.

    Wifi BMW ICOM P+B+C Description:

    ICOM P is a versatile diagnostic connector for multi-function vehicle diagnosis, module matching and vehicle module reset. It is a diagnostic connector used in the production lines of BMW manufacturing plants. Contains a range of devices such as ICOM A1/ICOM A2/ICOM NEXT... on the market. All functions and non-open access rights are particularly prominent with respect to vehicle diagnostics and stability in vehicle programming. ICOM P is not subject to vehicle types and communication interfaces. limit. Every model sold is sold off-line after ICOM P vehicle matching diagnosis.

    ICOM P It is an information protocol calculation and conversion device between the vehicle OBD interface and the PC software. It has a diagnostic connector that connects to the workshop's local area network for wireless data exchange. As a protocol converter, it exchanges data between a powerful core processor operation detector and a vehicle controller, and processes the signals for the weighing instrument interface. ICOM P is powered by the vehicle's OBD interface (OBD terminal 1/16/4/5).

    The ICOM P minimum operating voltage is 8V. Only when the voltage does not fall below the minimum limit can a stable function be guaranteed.

    Wifi ICOM P Connector.

    1. Better heat dissipation, no longer using small fan heat sinks, use heat sinks.
    2. More stable.
    3. Add OBD2 lines. Better connection.
    4. The shell is stronger

    OBD cable:

    ICOM P equipment OBD main line connector adopts 11P+5P aviation connector, interface with automatic locking function to prevent accidents during communication
    Loss of data due to disconnection.


    The communication interface is connected to PC software through a network cable. The network cable is 1000MB/S cable.


    After the router account password is set, wireless data transmission is performed through the wireless connection repair shop network.

    USB 3.0:

    Used to connect ICOM B, data exchange, offline upgrade ICOM P and other extended operations.

    Status Indicator:
    Name   Color         Status

    SYSTEM flashes green Device starts
    SYSTEM Steady green  Ready
    SYSTEM Steady red    Device failure
    SYSTEM goes off Device power supply is abnormal
    LAN Steady green Ethernet connected
    LAN Flashing Data Interaction
    LAN goes out Ethernet is not connected
    WLAN flashing Data interaction
    WLAN off No WIFI communication
    COMM blinks K-Line, D-CAN communication

    Working environment temperature and heat dissipation:

    ICOM P is a custom tailored equipment for the production line. It has the performance and advantages of long-term continuous operation without crashes. The ambient temperature range is -50°/45° exceeding the sub-ambient temperature can cause the ICOM P device to malfunction.


    ICOM P is compatible with ICOM A1/ICOM A2/ICOM NEXT connector functions, and ICOM B, ICOM C, ICOM D, ICOM E, ICOM.
    The NEXT B, ICOM NEXT C, and ICOM NEXT D adapters are perfectly compatible with each other.

    BMW Engineer Software Description:

    The so-called Engineer Edition is a fast and convenient diagnostic programming and coding system used by German BMW internal engineers. The system language is English and German mixed together. The Engineer Edition is very practical and powerful, and can realize all the professional computer professional Functionality, BMW Engineer Edition can be used for import-free vehicles (European vehicles, American vehicles, African version, etc.) through the OBD port. The engineer's edition on the market is now divided into 2 versions.
    One is to be able to localize the X5 and X6. One is to be able to localize BMW's entire vehicle system, but engineers who know how to operate will use it.
    What are the features of the BMW Engineer Edition?

    Functions mainly include: Diagnosis, programming or single editing, Code setting function, Activate new function, Update module system...
    Generally speaking, the engineer's version of the software configuration tool:
    EasyKFP, EasyConnect, iTool Radar, TOOL32 ... INPA+Ediabas (mainly for E-series diagnostics);
    NCS Coding (coded)
    WinKFP (for programming)
    E-sys (F-Series Diagnostics and Programming)
    NFS (for programming)
    One, two, programming
    Purpose of the flashing machine: By modifying certain values ​​of the car control system, achieving functions such as start-stop, etc., or letting the air-conditioner not start automatically, the purpose of manual control can be achieved by modifying the command. Brush is just like modifying a registry file in XP, it is not difficult.
    Implementation method: refer to the tutorial using related software, and data
    Line, connect the vehicle OBD socket, as long as the steps are right, there will be no problem, we must repeatedly read the tutorial carefully, familiar with the process after starting their own hands-on operation, bold and careful, keep in mind.

    [Functions that can be activated in existing configuration models]:

    01 The button in the cab closes the trunk (electric tailgate) and terminates the reverse operation at any time (for models with electric tails)
    02 Activates the Bluetooth phone function and automatically plays the music in your phone each time you move. (USB model of armrest box or gear)
    03 USB support for video playback (support), including support for iPod video playback.
    04 Connect with mobile phone via Wifi (mobile phone requires software support)
    05 Turn on voice recognition (currently only available for English-language digit dialing)
    06 You can operate navigation menus and watch DVDs while driving (original car configuration CDs can also be viewed on DVD)
    07 Activation of Internet-connected vehicles (produced with professional navigation after September 12th. However, there are also unsupported reasons. The reason is not yet clear.)
    08 Remote control one button and fold the mirror immediately (the original car needs to press the car key for 1.5 seconds)
    09 When the sports car transmission program is activated, the transmission response time is significantly shortened and the speed increase effect is significant. But it will cause 4S
    Store detected computer trip time breakdown code (not recommended)
    10 Brake light flashes during sudden braking, effectively preventing rear-end collisions (3 Series 5 Series, under test)
    11iDrive accesses internet traffic via mobile phone Bluetooth (not tested)
    12 Adjustable speed of lane change warning (High-end model with rear-view mirror with dead-end warning indication) (Not tested yet)
    13 Handbrake release (parking button) is automatically released when starting the vehicle with the gear (testing)
    14 Lane Departure System Plus Identification Roadside Warning Function (Optional Model with Front Camera) (Not Tested)
    15L7 surround sound

    [humanized, driver's personalization] Some convenient settings that suit your driving habits at startup

    01 Customized alarm time (seconds) when not wearing a seat belt
    02 Disable Seat Belt Reminder - Passengers
    03 Disable Seat Belt Reminder - Driver
    04 After the ignition, the engine starts and stops in the state before the last flameout or the default is off by default.
    05 Automatically unlock the engine after the engine stalls
    06 The default mode after the engine starts is set to "Economy (Eco Economy) Mode"
    07 The process of glass automatically rising to the top is not terminated by the opening of the car door
    08 Open option: whether to turn on daytime running lights (angel eyes)
    09 Setting highlight assist as "Automatic", automatic high-beam intersection control
    10 Set the daytime running light (angel eyes) brightness (the original car defaults to the brightest)
    11 Turn on the high beam light and turn on the fog light
    12 unlock unlock sound confirmation, volume size adjustment
    13 Automatically close the sunroof when it rains (it will cause the sunroof to need to be initialized and it will not start until 10 minutes after ignition).
    14 After the fire turned off, the wiper returned to its original position
    15 Automatically close the sunroof when it is raining under a tilt (this will cause the sunroof to initialize)
    16 Set the number of turns of the turn signal when changing lanes (F30)
    17 Open cic menu version check function (confirm CIC version)
    18 3 kinds of Bluetooth phone ringtone selection
    19 Increase the number of stored telephone numbers and messages in the car (from 25 to 50)
    【Automatic constant temperature air conditioner】
    20 Indoor cycling memory is the state of the last flameout
    21 The last time the air conditioning memory was off
    【Combination meter and navigation screen】
    22 Display Engine Output Power and Torque Table on the Navigation Screen
    23 Cancel large screen startup delay confirmation screen __
    24 Rearview Camera Statement When Canceling Reverse
    25 Suggested refueling points in navigation
    26 Display speed limit information (hardware support required)
    27 Torque Menu Display
    28 automatic high beam
    29 tire pressure monitoring
    30 tire pressure and temperature display (hardware support required)
    31 Chinese interface (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.)
    32 length units, miles to kilometers
    33GPS time synchronization
    34 Instrument Simulation Instantaneous Fuel Consumption 20 Change 30
    35 Dash light is on
    36 Dashboard is always on at night (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 parts)
    37 Dashboard is always on during the day (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 parts)
    38 Dashboard Gray (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 Parts)
    39 Dashboard Orange or Grey (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 Parts)
    40DS shows the current gear S1—S7
    41 Header display (navigation distance, turn signal, etc.) (Hardware support required)
    【Reversing Radar and Image】
    42PDC reversing radar display horizontal and vertical transformation

    Please do a backup of the FA and SVT files before you flash. Save them as much as possible before you flash.
    Make sure that the power supply cannot be powered off. Be sure to keep the obd line unobstructed. Do not allow the network cable to touch during code fdl.
    Good, this can easily lead to the crash of the car's computer. It needs to go to the 4S to reset it again. If you can guarantee this, it is very safe.


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